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We use NIL to support a hotel room for parents.
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BluStar Hotel Room

BluStar Hotel Room is our solution to a 50+ year old problem: Limited opportunities for athlete’s families to see them play. At BluStar, we believe that sponsoring will give great relief to parents who struggle to travel because of distance, current inflation, and high gas prices. BluStar Hotels is a product of BluStar that gives fans and supporters the opportunity to purchase a hotel room for the parent/guardian of their favorite student-athletes and teams for game events for up to 5 nights. This allows student-athletes to have their parents come to sporting events and games to support them, and it allows fans and supporters to help student-athletes that need assistance. BluStar Hotels benefits the student-athlete who has economic conditions with his/her parents in which they cannot afford a hotel stay to come to see their son or daughter play. You can find out more in our FAQs 

“During recruiting they put us up downtown, now we’re on our own (to find, book and pay for) - we had to get a hotel room (40mi away). Makes it very difficult on us.” 

-BigTen Football Player Parent

NIL Hotel Rooms for NCAA Athletes Parents to see games, Blustar NIL Hotel

Parents Benefits

As a former NCAA student-athlete and Coach, I believe that parents have always been an essential part of the NCAA structure. They provide the necessary foundation for their kid's athletic careers and sacrifice every step of the journey to support their kid's athletic dreams. However, it's clear they are forgotten in the conversation and transactions around Name, Image, and Likeness contracts. On our platform, we support fundamental ways to restructure Name, Image, and Likeness so that more athletes' parents benefit to see more home or away games.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors benefit, when involving more athletes and their parents. Let's respect parents' issues with travel distance and high gas prices. Parents' time at college events is very limited, helping them with a hotel room is more equitable for all athletes. NCAA Name, Image, and Likeness today are not equitable to athletes’ parents. However, NIL could be more equitable if sponsors covered an athletes-parents hotel room. NIL is more equitable if inclusion was mandatory to include more non-revenue sports. Alumni and Collectives should work together to be more equitable by allowing more parents to spend more time on campus and away games. Rooms would never be in the same hotel as the player's hotel.
Collectives and fans can be more equitable if athletes were given more opportunities to sign up for hotel rooms for their parents.

DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) Benefits

BluStar encourages representation and participation of diverse groups of people; therefore, the BluStar Hotel NIL program enables a new avenue for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), through unilateral gender, race, and socio-economic outreach. BluStar knows that regardless of classification of competing division, selected sport, gender of the athlete, or any other DEI element, that ALL student-athletes should be represented and supported.  BluStar Hotels makes this not only possible but is at the heart of our NIL efforts.

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